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What are absolute advantages of dental implants

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Implants now have proven advantage over other methods like bridge or dentures.

A proper replacement of missing or extracted teeth is required for a confident smile. Although bridge has been an only option in past, refinement of dental implant technology has made a paradigm shift both for dentists as well as patients. Now question asked by patient is, what is right for me Dental Bridge or a Dental implant? Very often answer is dental implant but before implant can be considered it is important to understand difference between two procedures.

Reasons why Implant or Bridge

Dental Bridge involves more than just replacing missing tooth. The neighboring teeth have to be shaved by removing most of enamel to make space for the bridge work. Dental implant involves only replacement of missing tooth. However dental bridge may be a good option when neighboring teeth are also affected by big cavities or they are root canal treated. It may also be a good choice when tooth has been missing for a long time and underlying gum or bone health may warrant requirement of additional procedures beyond dental implant. Your dentist is best person to recommend you any one the procedures.

You may want to answer these questions to assess your implant requirement:

  • Do you want to save your natural teeth from trimming?
  • Are you fed of that slippery denture?
  • Are you looking for cost effective alternative to Bridge or Denture?
  • Do you want to eat without bothering for anything?
  • Do you dislike that inhibited smile with your denture or missing teeth?
  • Do you want a functional and stable solution for your missing teeth?

Any of these situations definitely requires implant. Dr Shikha has helped many patients to give up their faulty bridge and slippery dentures through implant based treatment.

Advantages of dental implants over bridge / denture:

Dental implants are more robust than dental bridge and they give replacement that lasts life time. Implants are made of body neutral titanium or titanium alloys and they completely fuses with jaw bone by the process of ossteointegration. They are resistant to decay and infection. However a bridge may last 10-15 years but portion of teeth remaining beneath bridge is susceptible to wear and decay and your bridge may become loose or fall over time.

Cost of dental implant treatment vs dental bridge

Cost of metal free zirconia 3 unit bridge is lower or comparable to a dental implant if we consider replacing one missing tooth. However as number of missing teeth increases initial cost of bridge is less, but it may need to be replaced in future. An implant may appear expensive initially but over a period of time it is a cost effective solution. Since implant treatment is completed in several steps over 3-6 months, it allows for payment in steps.

Replace your missing teeth with Implants; there are a number of possible interventions

At Goel dental we can help you to choose best dental implant solution, that may fit in your budget.

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