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Cost of Dental Treatment in Delhi

EMI facility is available on all dental treatments. You have the option to pay in 6-18 EMIs, facility available on credit cards of major banks.

General Dentistry Price in INR Price in USD
Dental Consultation 350
Dental Consultation + RVG 500
Dental Consultation + OPG 1000
Full mouth Xray / OPG 650
Silver filling 800 per filling
3M Essential (Full ceramic / Zirconia with 5 yrs warranty) 9000
3M Lava Basic / Classic (Full ceramic / Ziroconia with 10 yrs warranty) 10000
Emax Full Ceramic / Metal free crown 10000
Sirona Full ceramic / Metal free crown 10000
All ceramic crown (5 yrs Warranty) 8000 per crown
Tooth colored filling / composite filling 900 per filling
GIC filling 700 per filling
Microscope assisted filling with rubber dam 1800 per filling
Simple non-surgical extraction 500- 1000 per tooth
Ceramic Inlay 8000 per tooth
Metal crown 1500 per crown
PFM (Metal and porcelain crown) 4500 per crown
3M Lava Premium (Full ceramic / Zirconia crown with 15 yrs warranty) 12000
3M PFM (Metal and porcelain crown with 10 yrs warranty) 6000
Kid’s Dentistry Price in INR Price in USD
Kids filling 700 per filling
Kids extraction 700 per extraction
Kids pit and fissure sealant 2500 full mouth
Kids root canal 2800 per tooth
Kids pulpotomy 1500 per tooth
Kids stainless steel crown 1700 per crown
Kids strip crown 1200 per crown
Kids space maintainers Case dependent
Kids Dental Cleaning 700 full mouth
Cost of braces treatment Price in INR Price in USD
Metal Braces 25,000-30,000
Ceramic braces 35,000-40,000
Lingual braces 80,000
Invisible braces 90,000-1,10,000
Single arch invisible braces 40,000-60,000
Prices are inclusive of consultation, photographs, Full mouth scaling and polishing, Full mouth Xray, Non surgical tooth extractions and one set of retainer.
Cost of dental Implants Price in INR Price in USD
Adin implant 17,000 per implant excluding crown
Alphabio implant 25,000 per implant excluding crown
Osstem implant 30,000 per implant excluding crown
Nobel biocare implants 35,000-45,000 per implant excluding crown
Computer guided implant surgery 35,000 per arch
Bone grafting 3000 plus cost of graft
Sinus lift 25,000 per quadrant
Implant supported denture cost of implants plus 35,000
Cosmetic Dentistry Price in INR Price in USD
Teeth whitening regular (Pola office / DASH) 8000
Zoom teeth whitening 12000-15000
Home whitening kit 7000
Composite veneer 1500 per veneer
Componeer (From Coltene) 5000 per veneer
Emax, Sirona, 3M full ceramic 10000 per veneer
Cost of Root Canal Price in INR Price in USD
Root canal 4500
Microscopic root canal
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Apicoectomy 3500
Metal post & core 1500 per tooth
Cast post & core 2000 per tooth
Fibre post & core 2500 per tooth
Crown lengthening 1500 per crown
Cost of Gum Treatment Price in INR Price in USD
Flap surgery 5000 per quadrant
Deep scaling and curettage 1000 per quadrant
Cosmetic laser gum contouring 10,000
Laser gum depigmentation 10,000
Soft tissue excision 4000
Soft tissue biopsy 3000
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Price in INR Price in USD
Wisdom teeth extraction 3500-7500 per tooth
Cyst excision 5000
Maxillofacial surgery Case based

Cost of dental treatment

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