India has a unique advantage for westerners seeking dental treatment in India as cost of dental treatment in India compared to countries like UK, US, Australia and Europe can be many times lower.

India has become a favourable destination for westerners seeking

  • Dental Implant treatment.
  • Multiple root canals.
  • Multiple crowns and bridge.
  • Zoom teeth whitening.
  • Sinus lift and bone augmentation surgeries.
  • Porcelain veneers,
  • Cosmetic gum surgeries

Goel Dental understands that for any guest contemplating dental treatment in India needs a tentative dental treatment plan and prior consultation with the dentist he / she is planning to visit in India to be able to definitively plan his / her itinerary. To simplify this we are offering this option of tele dentistry to our clients free of cost.

Tele Dental consultation can also be availed by Indian patients free of cost.

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