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    Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment (RCT)

    Single sitting Root Canal Treatment is a highly advanced dental procedure that requires various latest equipment and an Endodontist (Root canal specialist) for predictable results

    Single sitting root canal treatment is nothing but all the steps of root canal treatment completed in a single visit. It is important to understand that during root canal treatment multiple appointments are given so the medicine applied by the dentist inside the roots can clear the infection and make the tooth painless. This is usually accomplished in 2-3 visits over 7-10 days. But in single visit root canal dentist performs all the steps sequentially in the same visit and it is possible only if the tooth is not heavily infected.

    There is no technology or an expertise that if possessed by some dentist can make single visit root canal possible in all the cases.

    Ideal cases for single sitting root canal treatment

    • Before placing crown or veneer for cosmetic purpose
    • Tooth having sensitivity but no or minimal pain.
    • No evidence of pus collection in Xray.
    • Tooth is not severely damaged from outside.
    • Tooth has not undergone root canal in the past.
    • No pus drainage from the tooth.
    • No swelling or extreme pain associated with the tooth

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      In single sitting / visit root canal  all steps of the procedure are completed in a single appointment. The procedure may take 30 – 60 minutes. Dr Shikha Goel is an Endodontist and utilizes specialized equipment like rubber dam, dental microsope, apex locator, warm obturation and rotary instruments for single sitting root canal procedure. Even tooth crown can also be given in the same appointment by using in-house CAD / CAM facility.

      What is the time required for a single sitting (RCT) root canal?

      It is a misconception that single sitting root canal requires a lot of time. With advanced armamentarium like; rotary endodontics, microscope, 3D thermoplastisized obturation, advanced irrigation techniques and digital apex locator, a single sitting root canal from start to finish may take 30 – 60 minutes.

      Is single sitting root canal more painful?

      Previously it was considered to be a painful procedure. But with changes in concepts and technology it is now considered as a routine and painless procedure, even if pain occurs it is minimal and can be controlled by simple pain killers. Sometimes relieving the treated tooth from occlusion is helpful and pain settles in 3-4 days.

      So what is the final verdict single sitting or multiple visit?

      Root canal treatment is confined to tooth structure only and it involves removal of infection and irritants from canals by mechanical and chemical means. Any infection lying outside i.e. in periapical space heals by itself. So neither single sitting nor multiple visits root canal causes healing it help in healing and healing depends on body?s response to infection.

      Why Goel Dental for single sitting root canal treatment?

      Dr. Shikha is a highly skilled root canal specialist in Delhi and aptly equipped with technology and expertise for carrying out single sitting root canal. The entire procedure from start to finish is accomplished systematically. Goel Dental is equipped with every technology that is required for a modern root canal treatment.

      • RVG imaging for accurate diagnosis.
      • CBCT scan for understanding complex root anatomy
      • Tooth isolation using rubber dam.
      • Rotary files & NiTi filesused with X-smart system.
      • Availability of dental microscope.
      • Negative pressure cleaning of canals with ENDOVAC.
      • Canal disinfection with LASER.
      • Canal length measurement with Apex Locator.
      • Liquid filling inside the canals with 3D sealing of canals.

      Single sitting root canal and crown

      Single sitting root canal and 3 visits for metal free crown?

      The basic purpose of single sitting root canal is defeated if you have to visit again 2-3 times to get your crown fixed. Goel Dental specialises in providing same day solutions and can also provide you same day metal free crown (Zirconia or Ceramic) thus fulfilling criteria for single day dentistry in true sense. Some of its clients were fascinated to realise that their crown was ready by the time their root canal was finished. A single sitting root canal and same visit crown can be completed in 1.5 hours at Goel Dental.

      What is the cost of single sitting root canal?

      Cost of single sitting root canal treatment is not different at Goel Dental. Each single sitting root canal is charged between 4500-6500 at par with a routine root canal treatment.

      Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

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