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    Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment(RCT)

    Single sitting RCT is highly technique sensitive treatment & requires high level of accuracy and it is one of the most advancing branch of endodontics.

    If all the specifications & basic rules of canal preparation & obturation are followed it results in favourable prognosis.

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      If all the specifications & basic rules of canal preparation & obturation are followed it results in favourable prognosis.

      What cases are good for single sitting root canal?

      Any root canal can be completed in single sitting except in cases of swelling and continuous pus discharge from canal, however a final call regarding appropriateness of single sitting root canal can only be taken by an endodontist.

      A systematically done root canal from start to finish carries a good outcome.

      What is the time required for a single sitting (RCT) root canal?

      It is a misconception that single sitting root canal requires a lot of time. With advanced armamentarium like; rotary endodontics, microscope, 3D thermoplastisized obturation, advanced irrigation techniques and digital apex locator, a single sitting root canal from start to finish i.e. from access opening to obturation takes 45 ? 60 minutes.

      Is single sitting root canal more painful?

      Previously it was considered to be painful after obturation. But with changes in concepts and technology it is now considered as a routine and painless procedure, even if pain occurs it is minimal and can be controlled by simple pain killers. Sometimes relieving the treated tooth from occlusion is helpful and pain settles in 3-4 days.

      So what is the final verdict single sitting or multiple visit?

      Root canal treatment is confined to tooth structure only and it involves removal of infection and irritants from canals by mechanical and chemical means. Any infection lying outside i.e. in periapical space heals by itself. So neither single sitting nor multiple visits root canal causes healing it help in healing and healing depends on body?s response to infection.

      Why Goel Dental for single sitting root canal treatment?

      Dr. Shikha is a highly skilled root canal specialist in Delhi and aptly equipped with technology and expertise for carrying out single sitting root canal.

      The entire procedure from start to finish is accomplished systematically. Rotary files are used with X-smart system, entire procedure is done under microscope, ENDOVAC is used for irrigation and 3D obturation using thermoplastisized GP for a hermetic seal is done and we have been able to achieve a high success rate in our single sitting RCT procedures done till date.

      Single Sitting Root Canal Treatment

      Book your appointment for a single sitting root canal (RCT) in Delhi with Dr Shikha and experience modern dental care. EMI facility available on leading credit cards.