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Mutiple teeth replacement with implants

Interntional Numbers


Implant based bridge can replace several teeth with fewer number of Implants.

It is like two dental implants can replace 3-4 teeth in a row or a full arch (14 teeth) with 4-7 Implants.

A bridge is an appliance in which 3 or more artificial teeth are fused together, conventionally a bridge is placed by shaping two natural teeth adjacent to the area of teeth loss. However in the case of an implant supported bridge two implants are placed in area of teeth loss, these implants now act as a stable and strong base on which bridge is placed. In case of complete teeth loss only as little as 4-7 implants can support a 14 unit bridge work suitable enough to give you a healthy and strong biting efficiency.

What are the benefits of Implant based bridge?

  • Useful in those who don't have any natural teeth or they are not strong enough to support a bridge.
  • Useful if greater number of contiguous teeth are missing.
  • Force of biting is equally distributed among all implants.
  • Nothing is as natural as your natural teeth but implant supported bridge is close to natural in looks and functionality.

How long this treatment takes?

As a rule any implant based procedure takes 3-6 months for it to be successful and predictable. If additional procedures like sinus lift is required treatment time may be slightly longer.

What is the life of Implant based bridge treatment?

If procedure is accomplished successfully treatment is supposed to last life time.

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