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Patient's charter

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Patient Information Goel Dental

I will provide a schedule of my fees, procedures, diagnostics and surgery and an itemized bill on request.

I will inform about my qualifications to perform proposed treatment.

I will schedule appointments in such a manner to keep waiting time to minimum and attend you without distractions and interruptions.

I will encourage to bring a friend or relative for discussion.

I will explain prognosis, diagnostics and procedure to be done in easy and simple language.

I will not proceed until you are satisfied and convinced that you understand the benefits and risks of each alternative, and I have your agreement verbal or written.

I will implement the patient charter in its true spirit in my everyday medical practice.

Patient's Rights Goel Dental

You have a right to receive treatment irrespective of your status, age, gender, religion, caste, culture, geographical of political affiliations.

You have right to be heard completely without interruptions.

You can refuse to accept prescription that is not legible to you.

You have the right to information seeking contact details in case of emergency arising out of treatment at our clinic.

You have right to confidentiality and dignity while examination or during treatment.

You have right to obtain complete information in writing regarding prescription, procedure and treatment details.

You have the right to receive complete information on expected cost of treatment and getting itemized bill for the same.

You have the right to seek second opinion on your medical condition and treatment.

You have the right to discuss other treatment options and can select what best suits you.

You have the right to enquire about doctor's credentials, experience and qualification.

You have the right to enquire about infection control practices practiced in our clinic.

You have the right to request discounts if applicable

Patient's Responsibilities

You are requested to be honest with the doctor and reveal your medical and family history.

You are requested to be punctual with your appointments. No last minute cancellations should be done give atleast a 24 hour prior information to cancel your appointment so it can be given to someone else and minimize our losses.

Keep realistic expectations from your treatment.

Inform and bring to the doctor's notice if it has been difficult to understand any part of the treatment.

You are requested to actively participate in your treatment.

You are requested to do everything in your capacity to take care of our health.

You are requested not to ask for inflated bills and false certificates forcefully or by unlawful means.

If you are not happy with our treatment discuss with us.

You are requested to pay agreed amount as suggested during finalizing treatment plan.