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microscopic dentistry

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One of the technologies introduced recently into our practice is DENTAL SURGICAL MICROSCOPE. Evolution of Microscopes in the field of Dentistry dates back to 1953. Microscopes are widely used in neurovascular, ENT, Eye and other surgeries; however this great tool is still not widely utilized in Dentistry especially in India, One reason for this may be high cost of equipment.

It was the Root Canal Specialists who benefitted the most with the advent of microscopes; it magnified their field of vision by upto 25 times making it possible to visualize even the tiniest of canals. Magnification of upto 20X is considered suitable to locate and identify most of the canals. Microscopic vision is also helpful in treating fractured tooth, blocked canals, canal stones, and removal of broken files from canals and tooth preparation during veneers and crowns

Many of the finest restorative / cosmetic dentists in the world rely on the expanded field of vision offered by magnification. We use Labomed Prima DNT microscope which uses magnification of 4X to 25X and is fitted with Nikon DSLR camera to capture videos and still photographs for patient education and record keeping

Benefits of microscopic dentistry:

  • Success of root canal is increased manifold
  • Very useful for tooth preparation for crowns.
  • Magnifies view to improve veneer designing.
  • Augments field of vision in periodontal surgeries.
  • Assists in cavity filling in difficult areas.

If fitted with a camera and a monitor, helps in taking photographs and patient or attendant can view procedure live.

Microscopic Dentistry Goel Dental

Dr Shikha has replaced guess and tactile based dentistry with vision based dentistry. Book an appointment to experience microscopic dentistry at Goel Dental. EMI facility available on leading credit cards.