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Bone grafting and sinus lift

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If your jaw bone does not have sufficient strength bone grafting can be done.

As a part of procedure some of the patients assessed to be having inadequate bone health on initial assessment are subjected for bone volumetric studies using CT Scan. This scan gives an exact picture of your bone density and decision can be taken whether you will require a bone augmentation procedure.

A dental implant needs a healthy bone to be stable and functional. Sometimes due to prolonged edentulous period or chronic periodontal disease bone may not have sufficient thickness to be able to retain a dental implant.

Dr Shikha and her oral surgeon assess the requirement whether some bone augmentation procedure will be required or not.

What is the procedure for bone grafting or sinus lift?

Both these procedures are highly specialized procedures used to restore bone height.

Bone grafting – It is procedure in which bone graft, taken either from your own body or artificial bone graft, is placed at the site of bone defect. It can be done in area of a focal bone loss or in extensive bone defect.

Sinus lift – It is a procedure done in upper jaw in cases of low bone height. In this procedure bone grafting and some other procedures are done to prevent perforation in area of mandibular sinuses.

Bone grafting or sinus lift are additional procedures usually undertaken before implant placement procedures and sometimes can be done along with implant surgery. But in either case they provide strength to the bone, bone to which implant will get fused in future.

Bone Grafts / Sinus Lift Procedure Goel Dental

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