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Single tooth replacement

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If you have a single tooth loss do not postpone implant..a stich in time will save you nine

Loss of single tooth is not considered by most of the people unless it starts causing problems in neighbouring and opposing tooth. This problem of shifting and drifting of normal teeth will only intensify unless you consider implant or a bridge. Dental implant can be a minimally invasive procedure recommended at this stage

What is the procedure like?

It is a simple process. You have the option to choose one of the four implant brands we offer. A dental implant has three units; screw, abutment and a prosthetic crown. The titanium screw is inserted in your jaw bone using specialized set of instruments. The direction of insertion is predetermined based on scan and sometimes a template is used. After this process, the screw starts fusing with bone and this process is complete in next 3-4 months. In next phase abutment is placed on screw and a 7-10 days' time is allowed to let gum heal and take a shape around implant. Finally a prosthetic crown of your choice is placed on top of abutment.

If defect lies in smile zone a temporary crown or bridge can be given till treatment is complete.

After a period of 3-4 months from beginning you can expect to start using this implant for eating the food you like.

Dental Implant Goel Dental

A single tooth loss or single tooth loss in multiple areas can be rehabilitated in just 3-4 sittings spread over 3-4 months. Book an appointment with Dr Shikha to plan your dental implant treatment.