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Metal braces

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Treatment with metal braces is a low cost and highly successful form of orthodontic treatment. Metal braces straighten teeth in a traditional and predictable way.
  • Best patient compliance.
  • Cost effective than other forms of orthodontic treatment.
  • Good for most difficult cases.
  • Equally good for kids and adults.
  • In majority of cases treatment completed in 6-12 months.

Metal braces have shorter duration of treatment

These braces have shortest duration of treatment and suited for most difficult cases. This technique has been practised extensively by orthodontists and have best treatment outcome. Our orthodontist expertly evaluates your functional and cosmetic needs before formulating a treatment plan and informing you of probable time frame for treatment.

Metal braces are often more cost effective than other forms of braces

Since this technique is an old technique that has been perfected over decades and therefore it has become affordable for everyone and since treatment and cost is spread over several months it never is a concern for anyone looking for quick results in a shorter time.

Why Goel Dental for metal braces

Our orthodontic results are time bound and predictable. Cost is inclusive of Consultation, Scaling and Polishing, Full mouth Xay, Braces treatment, Non surgical tooth extractions if required, One set of retainer after completion of treatment.

Other types of braces:

Metal or Traditional Braces Goel Dental

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