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Lingual / Tongue side braces

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These are completely invisible braces with brackets bonded on backside of your teeth.
  • Completely invisible braces.
  • Brackets are fixed on backside of teeth.
  • Good for cases which are difficult to treat with transparent braces.
  • Substantially cost effective than transparent aligners.
  • However not useful for everyone.
  • Change in voice and tongue injuries limit their usefullness to a selected few.

Lingual braces are completely hidden from view

Lingual braces are applied on the back side of your teeth or towards the tongue side making them invisible from the direct view of the person in front of you. They are very useful for persons who want to carry orthodontic treatment inconspicuously without any deterrent to their social and professional life.

Lingual braces are technologically driven

Lingual braces carry with them the same technology as with metal braces but same is applied on the back side of your teeth. You can achieve dramatic results with lingual braces without anyone ever noticing that you are undergoing braces treatment. The brackets and wires are so designed as not to be harsh on soft tissues of your mouth so you remain comfortable.

Other types of braces:

Lingual Braces Goel Dental

Transform your smile discreetly without hampering your social life. If you are interested we have the expertise. EMI facility available on leading credit cards.