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Dental Post and Core

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Post and core treatment is required to support a crown or a filling in teeth that has undergone severe decay.
When do we require post and core treatment?

Teeth sometimes have large portions of tooth structure missing due to big decay, fracture, due to loss of a filling or the creation of an access cavity (the hole through which root canal work is performed). Stability of a crown depends on strength of tooth structure and crown may dislodge if underlying tooth structure is not reinforced with post and core.

As a general rule if more than 50% of tooth crown (part that is visible above gum line) is damaged a post and core is required to support crown.

What is post and core?

Post is a thin rod of carbon or metal which is positioned in the root of a teeth to provide an anchor to overlying filling or a crown. It can only be placed in a root canal treated tooth.

Core can be created with amalgam or composite material and is supported by a post. It replaces the lost tooth structure and supports the crown / cap or a bridge.

Types of post

Customised postAn impression of post space is taken along with adjoining teeth structure and sent to a laboratory which casts a metal post.

Prefabricated postThese posts are available in different shapes and sizes. These can be of fibre or metal and which suits you best is determined by your dentist.

Procedure of Post and Core

The post so designed is fixed in to the root space with dental cement or composite resin. After post and core build up a final impression can be taken for prosthetic crown.

Duration of treatment

Depending on choice of post and core, procedure can be completed in 1-3 sittings.

Precautions after post and core treatment

Although post and core treatment is the best method to restore a badly decayed teeth, however precaution should be taken not to chew hard food directly under the crown and avoid sticky food as crown can get loose.

Dental Post and Core Goel Dental

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