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Kids Tooth Fillings

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Getting your child’s dental caries filled by a dentist is the best gift for your child.

Idea of getting a tooth cavity filled is to keep that tooth in place till permanent tooth takes it place. A tooth with caries if neglected will eventually need an extraction prematurely and a space maintainer. Also it can cause caries in adjacent teeth and underlying tooth bud of permanent tooth.

Tooth fillings for kids are special fillings with high fluoride content that help in preventing caries progression. These fillings are also available in different colors if your child wants to flaunt fillings (COLORFUL GLITTERING FILLINGS). These fillings are also used to level pits and fissures.

It is important to get this job done from an expert dentist (Endodontist or Pedodontist) they aregood in handling children otherwise your child will fear dentist throughout his life.

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Fluoride plays an important role in development of teeth and both excess and deficiency of fluoride causes dental problems. While deficiency causes cavities excess causes fluorosis (white patches on teeth). Click to book appointment. EMI facility available on leading credit cards.