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Kids Root Canal Treatment

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The root canal on primary and young permanent teeth of children is safe and predictable.

Root canal and a crown on a kid’s tooth, sounds bad! It is common for us to see parents getting apprehensive as soon as root canal and a crown is prescribed for their kids.

But interestingly technology and dental materials have evolved keeping in mind the different anatomy of children’s teeth. These when handled by an experienced dentist helps in removing infection from tooth and also enables tooth to grow to adult size.

Root canal in a permanent tooth of a child with deep caries is only option to save this tooth. Each permanent tooth in mouth helps as a guide for other teeth to remain in place. We cannot afford to disturb this balance especially when treatment is available.

Crown given to children are unlike adult crowns. They are prefabricated crowns and fixed on root canal treated tooth to prevent it from fracture. This metal crown is replaced with a cosmetic crown at later age when tooth has grown to adult size

Kids Root Canal Treatment Goel Dental

An Endodontist or Pedodontist is the best person suited for this procedure. They also perform other procedures like indirect pulp treatment, direct pulp capping and pulpotomy on children’s teeth. Book an appointment with root canal specialist today. EMI facility available on leading credit cards.