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Can I be an implant candidate

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Dental implants are a great option, but unluckily they may not be meant for you.

Dental implants is a unique and a gold standard solution to replace missing teeth but success of procedure is directly related to your overall health. We don't do implants just for sake of doing it. Our goal is to give to a solution that lasts and does not jeopardise your overall health.

Are you considering yourself for Implants?

To be a successful candidate for dental implants you have to be in a good overall health. There are some conditions like uncontrolled diabetes and uncontrolled hypertension which are absolute contraindications to this procedure. Implant procedure may not be possible at all or have to be postponed if you have any of this:

  • Severe gum / periodontal disease.
  • Density and amount of jaw bone may not be enough.
  • Blood disorders.
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension or some other severe systemic illness.

Being fit for implant procedure and fulfilling requisite parameters increases chance of success of implant procedure

We are able to predict successful outcome of Implant procedure if you fulfil these three things:

  • Good overall health
  • Adequate bone structure and amount in jaw bones.
  • Absence of any gum disease.

Our team of experts will examine you to rule out any potential causes that may fail your implant. A comprehensive evaluation to assess your bone health and gum health augmented by radiological scan will be conducted to assess your suitability of dental implant procedure.

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