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3M Lava Premium system is based on a unique 3M shading technology, meaning that its color is not on the surface but comes from within. This unique technology used in the Lava� Premium Dyeing Liquids also helps to preserve translucency after shading, without compromising strength.
Benefits of 3M Lava Premium Crown
  • High Translucency.
  • High Strength of 1400 Mpa.
  • Thanks to a unique shading system, it enables to create highly aesthetic restorations. Eighteen natural, warm and vivid tooth colors, 7 effect shades and a fluorescent effect shade are available for unlimited individualization.
  • The patented shading system enables highly aesthetic all-zirconia or traditionally layered restorations.
  • Nothing beats this crown in aesthetics, highly recommended for front teeth for demanding individuals.
  • Limited 15-Year warranty.
Other types of 3M LAVA Zirconia crowns

3M Lava Premium Crowns

Lava Zirconia crowns and bridges can be matched precisely to the color of your own teeth and provide the natural translucency that metal-based restorations and other opaque Zirconia can't. Choose a Lava crown for yourself today. EMI facility available on leading credit cards.