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Mrs Manjul

I am probably the most satisfied customer of Dr Shikha. I received 2 RCTs and a bridge 3 years back but it started hurting recently. Then I got to know of Dr Shikha and searched her through net. She diagnosed that previous RCTs were not satisfactory and had to be redone, but what I liked the most is her expertise, my RCT was done through the bridge without removing it saving a lot of my time and money. I could recall that my previous RCTs were completed in a few minutes and appeared a simple procedure to me but RCT by Dr Shikha felt like a very technically advanced, skilled and an intensive procedure. She is probably the best Root canal specialist in Delhi. Today I and my husband are satisfied patients of Dr Shikha.

Mr. Rakesh

I am a very satisfied customer of Dr Shikha. I am a CGHS beneficiary but availed treatment by Dr Shikha, she being one of the top Root canal specialist in Delhi. My extreme pain was immediately relieved and my RCT was completed in a single visit with cap in another.

Mr. Aveek Borah

Very good experience. At first visit, I was made very comfortable and all tensions of visiting a new dentist was relaxed. Under gone cleaning, then a wisdom tooth extraction which was a perfectly done procedure. Dr. Shikha Goel is a very good doctor and I have recommended my friends and colleagues for their dental check- ups.

Mr. U. S. Pathania

Having had major procedures like dentures, fillings etc done for myself and my children, I am extremely happy with the results! All the procedures were rendered in a very professional manner by Dr. Shikha Goel. I have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to get dental treatment done in the most professional manner. Her clinic is very well equipped with the latest machines, not to mention very strict standards of hygiene are maintained here.

Mr. Tarun Goel

All my anxieties are settled as soon as I visitied Dr Shikha Goel. I got my Root canal treatment and a crown done. I was amazed to know the number of options she offered me for the crowns. I would like to Thank her for the wonderful work she has done.

Dr Vijai Chaudhary

I was told by my previous dentist that my all teeth had worn out due to faulty brushing. I got my treatment elsewhere but that could not stay for long, it was my pleasure to visit Dr Shikha Goel. She accurately diagnosed my problem and offered me treatment that immediately relieved my problem.

Mr Amit Kumar

I think, Dr Shikha treads high on technology and she is an excellent doctor

Mr. Mohit Dutt

Got referred by my friend. I am extremely happy with the results and felt confident under Dr Shikha and would recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a quality dental work.

Dr Shalini Upadhay

Calmness, Patience and excellence are trademarks of Dr Shikha Goel. I found this clinic through Just Dial and got my cavities and whitening done.

Mr. Madan Khaitan

Great work, keep it up

Mr. Manoj Gaur

Had fractured my teeth. Dr Shikha meticulously planned my treatment and saved my teeth from extraction

Mrs. Shivani Chaudhary

Outstanding work was done by Dr Shikha Goel and prices were also genuine.

Dr. Shahnawaz Alam

I never knew that a Root Canal Treatment can be so technically advanced. I think this clinic is equipped with everything needed for advanced dental treatment

Mrs. Barkha Agarwal

I got the gap in my front teeth corrected by ceramic veneers. Now I can smile confidently.

Mr. Indraneel Kumar

What I liked the most is the follow up calls which Dr Shikha never forgot to give after my wisdom tooth extraction.

Mr. Uppal Yadav

I went to Dr Goel's clinic with a small budget for dentures, but after thorough discussions I was advised to get implant based fixed dentures. I thank doctor for understanding my financial constraints and she accepted to take payment in small parts and the results are just fabulous.

Mrs. Abha Singh

I liked the very professional approach of Dr Shikha and her team. I got my crowns done and she was very accommodating and never mind giving appointments at patient's convenience.

Mr. Nobin Thomas

I like the doctor for being very gentle and in no hurry. I wish them success.

Ms. Monica Juneja

Incredible work. I was hanging around with some dirty fillings for some years before I was suggested tooth colored fillings by Dr Shikha. My old fillings were removed and new fillings done which were so esthetic, that I don't mind smiling more.

Mr. Akash Gupta and family

We are a regular visitor to Dr Shikha and have seen her growing over years. She is our family dentist.

Ms. Kyala Edward

The layout of the clinic is nice. I like the clinic for the cleanliness, hygiene and technology. The attitude of the doctor was very professional.

Mrs. Aditi Valecha

I went for a smile makeover, since I had lost my upper teeth due to trauma. The treatment was a combination of braces, implants and crowns. Final result was unbelievable.

Mr. Somshekhar

Total dedication is the core value of Goel Dental Clinic. The doctor never mind returning a call even at 3:00 AM.

Mr. Paras Gupta

My desire to have implants and fixed teeth was satisfied after 10 months of hard work by Dr Shikha and her team. The overall result was worth mentioning and amazing.