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Root Canal Treatment

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Microscope enhanced vision for root canal and motorised obturation increases success of root canal which otherwise is not possible with routine root canal treatment.

Dental microscope provides upto 25X magnification and with its 50,000 L light source it is possible to look virtually inside the root canals and examine tooth structure neatly.

Benefits of microscopic root canal treatment (RCT).
  • Precise and minimal cutting of tooth structure is possible.
  • Facilitates localization of very fine canals like MB2 & DB2 canals.
  • Micro fractures in tooth can be seen.
  • Chance of instrument separation is reduced.
  • Instrument if separated can be retrieved under microscopic vision.
  • Complete cleaning of root canals w.r.t tissue tags and debris can be ensured.
  • Complete filling without any leftover spaces can be ensured.
  • It is a modern method which has also benefitted other areas of dentistry.

All these benefits ensures a successful root canal and less likelihood of returning to your dentist with a failed root canal a couple of months or years later. Microscopic root canal is a vision based treatment that otherwise remains a tactile based procedure.

Root canal success depends heavily on technology and today there is technology to assist every step of root canal procedure. Goel Dental prides itself in being a clinic designed around root canal treatment.

Other modalities used with microscopic root canal at Goel Dental

Rubber dam:A special latex sheet held around tooth to be treated is used to isolate tooth from mouth and thus preventing any saliva or infective material to get inside root canals.

Apex locator:It is an electronic device to measure length of root canal for precise determination of length of root canal to be filled. Root ZX mini from J Morita is the world?s most advanced device for this purpose.

Endovac:Canals after debridement requires cleaning with irrigant and usually a simple needle and syringe is used for this but ENDOVAC is a unique system that first pushes irrigant inside root canal and then sucks it back with negative pressure. Result thus is a thorough cleaning of canals and no chance of pushing debris further into canal.

Ultrasonic irrigation: After cleaning an irrigant is placed in canal and activated with ultrasonic tip to further remove any remaining dead tissue.

Drying of canals: Cone shaped paper points are then used to dry canals before finally filling them with GP or motorised GP.

Warm Obturation:Gutta percha a plant derivative is used to obliterate the empty canals but that leaves some scope for empty space and thus a place where bacteria can grow. This disadvantage is circumvented by using motorised filling. Elements System B from Sybron Endo is a state of art equipment to accomplish this by using super-hot liquid rubber based inert material into canals.

Root canal treatment by an expert endodontist using advanced technology carries more than 98% success rate.

All the Microscopic Root canals done by Dr Shikha are not charged for retreatment in case of failure, provided patient had undergone CBCT before commencing of treatment.

Microscopic Root Canal Treatment Goel Dental

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