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Dental Bridge and Tooth Crown

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A metal free tooth crown or a dental bridge can again glorify your smile

If your tooth has weakened due to big cavity or after root canal or you require cosmetic rehabilitation a tooth crown or a bridge can address this issue. This procedure is a cost effective method to regain your smile and Goel Dental provides widest range of crowns to fit everyone's need and budget.

What is a tooth crown?

A tooth crown or a cap is a prefabricated thing that when fitted covers or caps a tooth, bringing back to its normal size and shape along with maintaining its strength.

Dental crown is necessary when tooth structure has been substantially reduced; may be due to large filling or Root canal treatment. In such cases chances are that your tooth may break in future, so a crown placed over it reinforces its strength and preserves the tooth in jaw bone.

Dental crown is also utilized to correct some kind of cosmetic dental problems like spacing between front tooth, overriding, small or tilted tooth.

Types of tooth crowns

Metal crowns are made from base metal alloys. Most commonly these are prepared using cobalt chromium. For these crowns teeth require less trimming and tooth wear to opposite tooth is minimum. Color of these crowns limits their usefulness to back teeth only. They are the strongest dental crowns.

PFM or Porcelain fused to metal crowns these crowns closely resemble natural tooth and are a good choice for front or back teeth. They are next best than all ceramic crowns as far as looks are concerned. Disadvantage of these crowns is that underlying metal of the crown can become visible as a black line or porcelain can chip or break some time in future.

All ceramic or metal free or Zirconia crowns these crowns are made only from ceramic. These days high quality, zirconia- based ceramic is available, that can match metal crown in strength. These crowns have the exceptional quality of resembling natural tooth; reason being ceramic is translucent and light can pass through it making it appear life- like. These crowns are highly recommended when esthetics is the prime concern as in case of front teeth.

Goel Dental offers ceramic crowns from 3M LAVA which comes with company warranty of 5-15 years and E Max crowns which are high quality crowns and fulfills cosmetic dental needs.

Different types of 3M LAVA Zirconia crowns

What is a Dental Bridge?

A minimum of three tooth crowns joined together is called a bridge. It can be used to bridge the area of a tooth loss using teeth on either side of gap for anchorage. The procedure of fabricating dental bridge remains same as for a tooth crown and are generally preferred over dentures because they are user friendly.

You should take good care of your oral hygiene with brushing and flossing and prevent build-up of bacteria in your mouth. With good care a bridge should last for 10-15 years and sometimes more.

You will gradually become accustomed to the bridge until then it is advised to take soft diet cut into pieces. You will notice a change in your speech as it will become clear than before.

Dental Bridge & Tooth Crown Goel Dental

If you not sure which crown or bridge suits you best we recommend you book an appointment with Goel Dental. We can make best recommendations for you considering your dental issue, overall health and financial position. EMI facility available on leading credit cards.